Fort Bend Academy About Us

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Mission Statement

To provide appropriate, high quality, evidence-based services to students, with a goal to develop individual’s talent for employment through professional vocational programs, which pro-mote and allow individual to expand their intellectual and professional knowledge. Working together we can get you into the better life and career.


The main objective for setting up Fort Bend Academy is to provide the best vocational rehabilitation program in the most cost-effective manner. The school will provide highly intensive education and therapeutic programs with sufficient instruction, support, and guidance to enable students with mild/moderate disabilities to strengthen and/or remediate skills. The school is proposed to provide gap between inabilities to attend a two or four years college, most especially to provide a bridge between not completing high school to becoming a professional and self sustains individuals. FBA will provide sufficient guidance in the transition from school to adulthood to enable the graduating students with disabilities make plans to participate, in accordance with their individual talent, abilities and capacities, as active adults in their communities.

FBA will aspire to meet current and future societal and individual demands for vocational rehabilitation education; albeit in a qualitative manner. Also, the school plans:
– To offer meaningful and relevant learning experiences for students with special needs and develop their skills and talent.
– To provide a learning environment including physical facilities, equipment, teaching and learning materials in meeting the minimum standards of regulatory requirements.
– To offer excellent learning curriculum delivered by highly qualified and high per-forming teaching team.
– The ultimate goal of the vocational rehabilitation program education is for graduates of the school to transit into productive and engaged adult roles in the community or society.

Fort Bend Academy objective is to establish a Bridge for Young Adult to Transition to responsible carrier professional adult. The focus of the FBA Bridge vocational rehabilitation program, is to provide for the highest level of independence for young adults ages of 18 and over with differing intellectual abilities in the areas of independent living, vocational experiences, community integration, and recreation/leisure. This includes the provision of a partial, total, vocational, and non-vocational community-based program. This program will also provide residential facility to Students; the focus will be on vocational rehabilitation training services leading to possible enrollment in postsecondary education, accessing a competitive job, learning technical or vocational skills, or enlisting in the military. Individual needs, personal interests, and required skills will be determined through a collaborative effort of the Fort Bend Academy Team and family members, with strong input from the student.

Curricular and instructional methodologies of the FBA will be congruent with activities of age appropriate adults and placed in line with individual student goals. A variety of instructional strategies will be adopted in promoting skills used in adult life. Classroom instruction will culminate in real world experiences. Students will participate in community based instruction and will be provided opportunities for contact, interaction, and integration with a variety of community resources and local businesses.

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“Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.” Franklin D. Roosevelt


Our team helps the student to find the special skills in them, tap on it and build it to the level of a professional.


Our team works with each student to determine what stands in the way of progress and develops a path for sustained improvement.


We provide top notch structured learning to make sure that our students are engaged and learning properly.


Our teachers have a variety of resources at their disposal to interact with each and every student.